Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates

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Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates

Virginia Premier’s mission is to inspire healthy living in the communities we serve while increasing access to quality, affordable health care.  At the same time, we must be conscious of the ever-rising cost of providing health care.  And one of the biggest costs in healthcare involves hospital stays.  For this reason, an important quality goal involves decreasing the combined readmission rates for all of our lines of business – Medallion, MLTSS and Medicare.

By and large, lower hospital readmission rates also benefit patients if our providers can identify the causes of readmissions, optimize transitional care and improve patient engagement in the health care process to help them achieve their best health outcomes.

“Lowering readmission rates is beneficial to our members because it emphasizes preventative care, reduces out-of-pocket costs and overall improves the quality of care and health outcomes,” says Jamie McPherson, Vice President, Corporate Quality and Safety Officer.

With a strong focus on lowering hospital readmission rates, Virginia Premier has already met its target rate of less than 12%.  In fact, we reduced the readmission rate by 5% just in the October 2018 through December 2018 timeframe. But the focus on lowering readmission rates remains ongoing.