April Safety Stars

Safety, Quality & Service

April Safety Stars

Each month we celebrate our Safety Stars and their efforts that go above and beyond, using tools and behaviors, to keep our patients and each other safe. We thank the following team members for their contributions!

Olivia Damico, RN, Medical Respiratory ICU

Olivia recognized her patient was requiring a larger dose of medication, and used STAR to troubleshoot, but found no abnormalities. She reflected and noticed the patient's bed sheets were wet.  She resolved by examining the tubing and noticed a small nick in the line where the medication was leaking out. If not for Olivia's attention to detail, recognition of patient condition, and continuous reflection, this detail may not have been discovered and the patient may have been treated incorrectly, and would have continued to receive the wrong amount of medication. 

Robin Manke, director, Communications and Emergency Preparedness

Robin’s tenacity and steadfast follow-up minimized the operational effects of a Verizon phone outage. Robin and the communications center sent out several notices to key leaders in the environment.  When phone lines were not restored in a timely manner, Robin asked clarifying questions and used ARCC to escalate to the state level.

Lexie Clair, speech pathologist, Speech Pathology

A patient was admitted several times with respiratory distress, thought to be chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) exacerbation. Lexie used STAR during objective imaging of the patient to escalate concerns (ARCC) regarding abnormal findings.  Lexie cross-checked with the radiologist who noted concern regarding a mass not previously identified on a chest CT.  Lexie again used ARCC to advocate for a prompt consult by ENT resulting in identification malignant lesion causing mechanical obstruction to the airway. The patient is now scheduled for surgical intervention.