Celebrating Team Member of the Year: Nathaniel “Nat” Fleming and eight additional amazing honorees

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Celebrating Team Member of the Year: Nathaniel “Nat” Fleming and eight additional amazing honorees

Left to right: Maria Curran, chief human resources officer; Nat Fleming, patient transport tech II, Department of Radiology, VCU Health System team member of the year; and, Paul Wesolowski, chief operating officer, VCU Health System

All of our team members are amazing. We do whatever it takes to offer the best in care and empower the best in quality of life at VCU Health. And, we like to recognize those individuals who stand out. The ones that go the extra mile. Burn the midnight oil. And don’t cut corners. They wear many hats. Caregiver. Mentor. Advocate. Leader. Last year, nine team members were picked by their colleagues, peers and friends as the best and brightest of 2016. We celebrate them and our team member of the year, Nat Fleming, for their contributions and hope you will too!

VCU Health System’s Team Member of the Year: Nathaniel “Nat” Fleming, patient transportation tech II, Department of Radiology

Nat relentlessly follows safety protocols within the hospital, holding others accountable, and he has a keen eye for near misses.  Nat is lighthearted and engaging, but is a stickler for preventing harm to patients.     

The following story is just one example that highlights Nat’s commitment to safety, his co-workers, and the hospital. A few months ago a team member who is normally punctual was late because his car broke down on the highway, seven miles from the hospital.  The team member intended to walk to work from that point.  Nat texted his colleague and volunteered to give him a ride, even though his shift was ending in 30 minutes. No other team member volunteered.  

Nat attends annual Emergency Medical Services conferences and acquires his continuing educational units from Prince George’s emergency rescue squad.  Nat keeps his skills up to date which allows him to serve as a Consolidated Site Test Evaluator for the State of Virginia. He is an Instructor for all new motorized transport equipment and a safe lift trainer for the hospital.  Nat will soon start the process to become a Certified Patient Transport Tech II, sanctioned by the National Association of Healthcare Transport Management.

Eight more amazing reasons to be proud of our team members:

Wendy Amorim, RN, Medical Respiratory ICU

Deborah Burnette, Nurse Manager, Surgery Trauma ICU

Pam Falls, Clinical Coordinator, Medical Respiratory

Natasha Hawkes, Clinical Coordinator, Acute Care Surgery

Sarah Holt, Clinical Coordinator, Medical Respiratory ICU

Dana Joseph, Clinical Nurse II, Orthopaedic Surgery

Kimberlin Alford Jones, Clinical Coordinator, Orthopaedic Surgery

Cathy Ransom, Patient Transaction Supervisor Sr, Billing