Maria's Message

Maria's Message

Maria A. Curran, Chief Human Resources Officer and Vice President of Human Resources and Community Benefit

The Spirit is a reliable communications tool for team members. We constantly strive to make the content relevant and accurate. And our web portal — — was built to make it even more accessible.

We will continue to refine this and other communications tools so that they are meeting the needs of our team members, whether they are in Sanger Hall or South Hill; Patient Services Representatives or surgical teams in the Operating Rooms. And we’ll do it together, under a shared, enhanced, inclusive vision:

We are the VCU Health System and the VCU Health Sciences Schools, a powerful melding of faculty, staff, students and residents engaged in academic excellence and service.

Our power lies in our deep commitment to the safety net mission combined with an equally strong passion for quality, safety, education and research, while providing the most advanced medical care for the region. Our engagement in improving the health of our community brings a relevance to our work that is at the heart of all learning and discovery.

Vision by Design, which you have heard about by now, is the plan for how we are evolving our culture and improving the way we work. Simply put, it is how we will live our vision. As you read this issue, think about how everything that we do leads us toward our enhanced vision. Each of us plays a role in our success.

You will see and hear much more about the work done through Vision by Design. Be sure to read the article for more information, including key messages and a link to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the HR4U portal.

Thank you for sharing our vision and joining us as we take measured and thoughtful steps toward our future together. A lot of work is already underway and there’s so much more to come. This is an exciting time to be a part of our team!

Please enjoy this issue of The Spirit and please share it with you colleagues and families!