Natural nails, the new norm

Safety, Quality & Service

Natural nails, the new norm

We are always looking for new ways to make our environment safer, which includes looking for new ways to decrease infection rates. After all, it’s the best thing for our patients, visitors and each other.

Starting May 1, VCU Health System will follow a natural nails policy. The policy applies to all team members, vendors, volunteers and students who provide direct patient care and/or have contact with equipment, supplies, medications, pathology specimens.

This policy requires that fingernails be kept to a length that is less than ¼ inch past the fingertip. No nail products will be allowed, including, but not limited to, standard polish, UV cured gel polish, glitter, embellishments, wraps, silks, strengtheners, or any other nail products.

Questions? Please refer to the revised Hand Hygiene Policy.