Need a summertime sitter? We have your back!

Benefits in Brief

Need a summertime sitter? We have your back!

During the summertime, team members who care for family members — children, adults and even pets — may need help! VCU Health System offers subsidized back up care rates through Bright Horizons.

Team members can even request center-based child and adult care at our onsite Family Care Center. Each team member receives 20 annual days of back up care for their families at subsidized rates of $30/child/day or $45/family/day (for center-based care, including our onsite Family Care Center) and in-home care ($10/hour).

Following are some additional back up benefits that are offered through Bright Horizons:

  • Do-it-yourself access to a comprehensive database of self-pay services, including nannies, sitters for evening and weekend care, pet sitters, homework help, and more.
  • Impartial help from educational experts to help tame homework monsters, support study skills, save and pay for college, and guide students in applying to college. These services are provided via webinars and one-on-one and online assistance.
  • Private and small-group tutoring for SATs/ACTs, standardized tests, Common Core subjects, and general help for your student.

Register now and use backup care the minute you need it!

1. Visit

2. Or call 877-BH-CARES (242-2737)

3. Provide username: VCUHS and password: backupcare