Vision by Design: the work has already started

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Vision by Design: the work has already started

Vision by Design is our shared foundation for how we will achieve our expanded and common vision. Our work will evolve over time but following are the key messages about this important effort. We also have included this information, along with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the HR4U portal (under “announcements” on the home page).

Our vision has expanded:

We are the VCU Health System and the VCU Health Sciences Schools, a powerful melding of faculty, staff, students and residents engaged in academic excellence and service.

Our power lies in our deep commitment to the safety net mission combined with an equally strong passion for quality, safety, education and research, while providing the most advanced medical care for the region. Our engagement in improving the health of our community brings a relevance to our work that is at the heart of all learning and discovery.

The heart of our mission does not change.

To preserve and restore health for all people, to seek the cause and cure of diseases through innovative research, and to educate those who serve humanity.

Vision by Design is how we will achieve our vision. It has no defined end.

Vision by Design focuses on continuing to strive for operational excellence and strategically aligning our programs, financial performance, and people to achieve our goals.

Progress has already been made in some of these key areas, but we’re not done. We know we can do even better.

Everyone has a role.

Vision by Design is about driving change by developing mindsets, behaviors and capabilities needed to be successful in the future.